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since we are on the subject of which epic fantasy authors we like, I
thought I'd mention Michelle West. (The Sunsword Series, Hunter's Oath,
Hunter's Death.) I particularly like one of her heroines Jewel/Jay.
Her new book in the Sunsword series, _The Shining Court_, just came out
in July. (But this book _must_ be read after the other two in the
series, otherwise nothing will make sense.)

And I agree that Robert Jordan's female characters are ALL neurotic.
One of my friends insist that they are only strong-willed, and I told
her that there's a difference between being strong-willed and being
idiotic. All Jordan's female characters belong to the latter category.
(Maybe this is no longer true as I haven't read Jordan since I gave up
on the Wheel of Time series after the 5th? book.)


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