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From: Betty <>
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 18:13:23 PDT wrote:
> i know we've talked about donna jo napoli on this list before(specifically
> about _sirena_ and _song of the magdalen_, i think), but how do _the magic

> circle_, _zel_, and her new book, _the spinners_, rate among all you
> robin-lovers?
> also, which of robert jordan's books should i read first?

Only two comments: Zel.... ugh!!!

And unless you have unlimited time and patience, please don't start Jordan's
books! They keep getting longer and longer, they leave dozens of loose ends
with each book ending, ends that keep getting longer and more tangled... this
post is sounding a wee bit hysterical, isn't it? Sorry, I started his series
(one of his series? Oh, please, don't tell me there's more than one series by
him...), read them one after another in a frenzied rush to try and find out
what happened... and never did. The latest one came out and to read it, I'll
have to go back and start over again, wihch I would rather not (who am I
kidding? I'm AFRAID to...) SAVE YOURSELF! RUN!!!!


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