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OK, here's something cute I found. It's a draconity test to see how much
dragon is in you; in\
you should go there if you want your score properly figured out

Just for reference I found myself with a score of 56%. So I warn you now
that the validity of the test isn't exactly real high, just fun.

Check all boxes for which your answer is "YES" (each check is 1 point)

Have you ever...

1.conquered a major city just so you could brag about it in bars to your

2.told all your friends about your life as a dragon?

3.signed your human email with your dragon name?

4.wanted to jump off a high building beaucse you _know_ you have wings?

5.used the word "froody" more than 20 times in a day?

6.written a dragon-like story?

7.found youself thinking, "Pesky mortals" when in a human gathering place?

8.been called by your draconic name?

9.answered faster to your draconic name then your human one?

10.had the though of eating all the humans responsible for any of your

11.hired a typist because you can't type fast enough with talons?

12.not cared about anything you wear unless it has a dragon decorated on it?

13.been tempted to kill your best friend because they approached your hoard? a description of a dragon in a book and thought, "Hey, I'm not like
that, I'm THIS kind of dragon!"?

15.found yourself with the strange desire to eat meat raw?

16.found yourself looking at someone who annoys you and licking your
lips or teeth?

17.found youself startled when you look in a mirror and find you are rather

18.growled under your breath?

19.heard of

20.posted to

21.told the rest of the world to go get bent because you were busy doing related stuff?

22.found yourself putting your draconic title on any
resumes (ie. Queen of Insanity, the Daring, Sworn Protector of All
Things Elven, etc.)?

23.heard your children "meep" instead of cry?

24.sat around for three hours complaining that your Dancing Dragon catalog
hasn't come in yet?

25.replied to your dragon name?

26.planned battle strategies for wars against demons?

27.had the thought of flying to a destination without the use of an airplane?

28.Are your very best friends dragons?

29.had the inexplicable urge to splut people?

30.found yourself with the urge to hiss at people who are bugging you?

31.found yourself with the urge to hoard gold?

32.found yourself with the urge to hoard anything?

33.had any thoughts about leagaly changing your human name to your draconic

34.replied to any e-mail from a dragon?

35.curled your fingers as a sign of frustration?

36.found youself trying to move your tail before sitting down?

37.had your tail get in the way?

38.found yourself trying to open cans with your "horns" instead of a can

39.collected everything in your room into a pile and laid on it for a hoard?

40.found yourself trying to breathe fire?

41.thought it to be really cool when you see your breath on cold days, and
thought "wow, I'm smoking"?

42.found your "talons" get in the way when you are typing?
43.collected things just for the sheer joy of having a big pile of

44.thought seriously about filing your fingernails to a point?

45.been suprised when after a restless night's sleep the covers aren't
ripped to shreds?

46.bought the newest Enchantica that's out instead of
the newest CD player?

47.refered to your birthday as your "hatchingday"?

48.refered to the place you sleep as your lair?

49.drawn dragons all over your test papers?

50.refered to a human as "greggil", "two-legger", or "hooman"?

51.had any sympathy for the eggs you eat?

52.had the strange urge to take all the eggs out of the refrigerator and sit
on them?

53.laid an egg?

54.refered to your spouse as your mate?

55.had a dragon idol in your house?

56.worshiped it?

57.given it money?

58.had a Dancing Dragon catalog in your home (lair)?

59.named any of your pewter dragons?

60.given them personalities?

61.listed your occupation as anything like, "Queen of the Tree People", "High
Druid of the Stuff", "Owner of the Plushy Shop" etc.?

62.had a dragon stop outside your window and offer you a ride?

63.thought of this as a normal occurance?

64.regretted clipping your toenails or fingernails?

65.tried to grow them out really long?

66.dreamed about being a dragon?

67.seen a poster of a dragon and thought, "I know him/her from somewhere"?

68.played DragonSlides on tall buildings in the wintertime?

69.known the rules?

70.used such expressions as, "Wind to Thy Wings"?

71.refered to your skin as scales?

72.viewed knights in fairy tales as food in a tin,
rather than the hero?

73.been stopped by a police officer and told him/her that they can't give you
a ticket because you're a dragon?

74.found yourself wondering what the dragon does to the princess in fairy
tales before the knight comes to "rescue" her?

75.had thoughts about undergoing scientific experiments on the slight chance
they'd make you into a dragon?

76.thought of reptiles more as species cousins rather than monkeys?

77.slept curled up on top of all your covers?

78.found yourself really cranky when you wake up in the morning?

79.ignored your real name, because you are so used to your draconic one?

80.woken up in the middle of the night paranoid someone has broken into your
and stolen something?

81.thought that you might have been born on the wrong planet because you
don't see dragons on a regular basis?

82.had the urge to senselessly attack any moving target when you became

83.slept for more than 24 hours at one time?

84.slept for more than one week at a time?

85.noticed that you have an acute sense of smell?

86.wondered why your tongue isn't forked?

87.really scared someone when you looked at them in anger?

88.smiled and made people nervous?

89.really wished you lived in a fantasy world?

90.seen a picture or figurine of a dragon and thought it was cute?

91.refered to someone younger than you as young hatchling?

92.found yourself very sensitive to temperature (ie. cannot take either cold
or hot weather very well)?

93.found yourself drawn to lie in the sun just for the sheer joy of it?
94.found yourself to be overly possessive?

95.had anything you wore in a regular basis that had a dragon depicted on it?

96.really wished you could breathe fire on the annoying person near you?

97.thought caves or mountains were facinating?

98.had daydreams of destroying your school as a dragon? ANY book about a dragon or one that had a dragon character in it?

100.written any stories with a dragon or dragon character in it?
That's it. You can use your score to compare relative draconity with

***Disclaimer: These questions do not necessarily represent what it
means to be a dragon to all dragons. Some would disagree (including
myself) that senseless destruction, the use of some words, and the
ability to breathe fire are not all necessary draconic traits.Just for
reference I found myself with a score of 56%. So I warn you now
that the validity of the test isn't exactly real high, just fun.

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