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> > also, which of robert jordan's books should i read first?

Just to add to Betty's comments . . . PLEASE DO NOT READ JORDAN!! And yes,
he actually does have three series out . . . the Wheel of Time(Waste of
Paper), the Conan series, and a Fallon Blood series. (Have no idea what the
last two are about.) The more I see Jordan's book on the bestseller lists,
the more I wonder what is wrong with the world. His books are badly
written, containing melodramatic characters who do nothing besides whine,
mope, and order people around. His women (ALL of them) are neurotic . . .
more so around the men. His men (ALL of them) are insane. For someone who
appreciates Robin's work and might enjoy a strong, sensible heroine, this
series is NOT for you. For those people who like badly written, generic
fantasy that's 800 pages long per book, thirteen books per series . . .
well, there might be some possibilities. Incidentally, I don't think he CAN
end the series . . . he evidently has no idea where he's going with the plot
line as it is. Either that, or he's mocking the entire publishing business
and laughing it up in his snakeskin hat at the gullibility of some readers.

Did someone mention the word "hysterical"? Strangely, my best friend is a
Jordan fan (sigh) which I tease her about at every opportunity. So if there
are people out there who like Jordan and were severly offended by this
message, I apologize and pray you will see the light soon. : )


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