Re: Re: [McKinley: video tape about robin!]

From: <>
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 09:42:49 PDT

yes, i got the video, and it was wonderful!!! by the way, i know it's
generally not advisable to give out personal info over the net, but with this
group i feel safe saying that i live part of the year in williamsburg and
part of the year in charlottesville, va, so if any of you live nearby and
would ever like to come visit and watch the video and have a robin-party,
just email me personally and let me know. (sorry if that's not appropriate
for me to say on this list - if it makes people uncomfortable, then i
apologize!) i would say more about the video, but i have to go - i'll write
more about it when i have time...

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