Re: [McKinley: video tape about robin!]

From: Betty <>
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 07:20:43 PDT

Cameron Lynn <> wrote:
> i was just looking up robin at to order the illustrated version
> of _stone fey_, and found they have a video tape for sale called "talk with
> robin mckinley"!!!:):):) it came out in october, costs $50, and takes 4 to
> 6 weeks to deliver(it's special order so it may not be available at all :()
> and i think it's only about 20 minutes long...of course i ordered it,
> though!

So, Cameron, I know this letter is old, but I don't remember ever hearing that
you got the video or what you thought of it? Did you get it? How was it? Give,
girlfriend, give!


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