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Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 18:42:57 PDT

ok, here's yet another riddle-related thing i forgot to ask: you know in
"labyrinth" when sarah comes to the two doorkeepers who say "one of us always
tells the truth and one of us always lies," and she has to figure out which
door is the right one to take? well, what question was she supposed to ask -
how was she supposed to figure out which was which?!?

sophia, will you please post an answer to your "everything i say is a lie"
riddle? - not knowing is killing me! (you could write "spoilers" in the
subject in case some people want to keep guessing...)

oh, yeah, and here's some more completely unrelated stuff i forgot to ask
last time: does anyone know of any novel or cartoon versions of "the snow
queen" or "east of the sun, west of the moon"? (the reason i ask isn't just
because i'm too lazy to go look for them myself, it's cuz fairy-tale-based
novels are often published under different names, which makes them hard to
find at amazon, etc. - for instance, "donkeyskin/all-fur" being published by
robin as "deerskin")
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