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Date: Sat Jul 17 1999 - 13:51:30 PDT

oh, yeah, i forgot about _the shining_ - thanks for reminding me! and i took
theseus and the minotaur for granted, too,'s an interesting bit of
trivia - does anyone know where the word "clue" comes from? -- it derives
from a word for "thread," i.e., the thread theseus used in the labyrinth. (i
haven't been able to find many "timeless" riddles on the net, but i've found
tons of info on mazes and labyrinths...)

anyway, my point in writing this email was to ask whether anyone knows of any
cartoon versions or novel-sized retellings of "sir gawain and the loathly
lady"? (the story is sort of a gender-reversed version of "beauty and the
beast" and centers around a riddle - it's also similar to "the wife of bath's
tale" in chaucer's canterbury tales.)
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