McKinley: faerie tale movies

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Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 19:15:13 PDT

hi! i was just watching "snow white: a tale of terror" (starring sigourney
weaver, sam neil, and gil bellows("billy" from ally mcbeal - he's much cuter
with a beard!) and wondering if there are any more good faerie tale movies
around - do you all know of any? (i mean live action, not animation) the only
ones i could think of were shelley duvall's "faerie tale theater," jean
cocteau's "beauty and the beast," and angela carter's "in the company of
wolves." are there any others? by the way, has anyone read the book/short
story version of "in the company of wolves"? which angela carter
anthology/collection is it included in - _tales from the sisters grimmer_?
how does it compare to the film?


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