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Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 20:28:04 PDT

I loved Drew Barrymore's retelling of Cinderella in EVER AFTER. I think I've
seen just about every fairy tale movie ever made! I think that Snow White one
with Sigorney Weaver was AWESOME! There was a Beauty and the Beast version I
saw with Rebecca De Morney which was pretty good. (Although she CAN'T sing!)
There was a Puss in Boots movie with Sean Connery's son, Jason Connery (cutie
pie!) that was pretty good. The same girl that played Rebecca De Morney's
sister in Beauty and the Beast played the princess in Puss IN Boots. Both
times I wondered why they picked her, she CAN'T SING!
I saw a rate R foreign film I rented from Blockbuster Video called

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