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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 01:38:40 PDT

I loved that book too, second favorite until I found Beauty when it was
nudged to third. First until Beauty was Shadow Castle. Short, but fatastic.
I kept bugging for it until it was finally reprinted. My
recommendation to you all.

 On 1 Jul 99 08:59:26 EDT, Betty wrote:
> My favorite book growing up? A Little Princess! One time, when we were
> to move yet again, I actually swiped that town library's copy of it, so I
> wouldn't have to be without it while we found the next one! I never owned
> copy growing up. My oldest daughter won a beautiful hardbound copy of it
as a
> child and since her death it has become one of my prized possessions.
> yes, eventually I sent back the one I swiped!)
> And my fondest dream is to spend some time in England. I'd move there,
> that would require uprooting, NOT my favorite thing, even for England!
> thing my oldest brother ever gave me? An English sister-in-law!
> Betty
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