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>found Robin's humorous short account of her whirlwind childhood, firm
self-planting in Maine, and subsequent uprooting to England. Along the way she
talks about her whippet, step-grandchildren(!), rosebushes, and thousands of
books. This can be found at

Thanks, Maren, I loved that! I hadn't read it before, although parts of it
sounded like some things I'd read before that she said about herself. It's
interesting how many things we have in common. My dad, older brother and
oldest daughter were all Navy and we, too, spent a lot of time moving
(although in Daddy's case, it was a trip up the corporate ladder that moved
us, not the US Navy) and when I met my husband and we moved here for him to go
to college, we stayed... for 27 yrs now. We've moved within the city several
times, but I even hate that.

My favorite book growing up? A Little Princess! One time, when we were going
to move yet again, I actually swiped that town library's copy of it, so I
wouldn't have to be without it while we found the next one! I never owned a
copy growing up. My oldest daughter won a beautiful hardbound copy of it as a
child and since her death it has become one of my prized possessions. (And
yes, eventually I sent back the one I swiped!)

And my fondest dream is to spend some time in England. I'd move there, but
that would require uprooting, NOT my favorite thing, even for England! Best
thing my oldest brother ever gave me? An English sister-in-law!


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