McKinley: marshy Rumpelstiltzkin

From: Wanda F Vaughn <>
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 15:14:53 PST

Hi all, thought that I'd put my two cents in. I can't wait to get my
hands on the new book, but I do have several Fairy Tale books around the
house. All of them seem to have Rumpelstiltzkin in them. The miller's
daughter gives the little "Mannikin" first her necklace, then her ring,
and finally a promise of the first born child. According to my stories,
it is a messenger who discovers the secret name in the nick of time.
         "Tomorrow I brew, today I bake,
          And then the child away I'll take;
          For little deems the royal dame
          That Rumpelstiltzkin is my name!"
As far as marshes are concerned, Webster says that it is a tract of low,
swampy land. The most famous of marshes to me are the Marshes of Morva
in Alexander's Prydain Chronicles. I have asked my sister about
Hampshire, England. She spent 18 months over in that land.(Air Force)
I'll pass the info along when I get it.

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