McKinley: marsh-magic: rumpelstiltskin, moors, Hampshire

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 12:53:53 PST

robin's new story is wonderful(of course)!!! everyone please read it as
soon as possible so we can all discuss it!!! i won't give anything away,
but i have some general questions relating to the story that even those who
haven't read it might be able to answer:

while the story isn't exactly "based" on Rumpelstiltskin, it does draw
somewhat on that faerietale - but i can't remember exactly how the original
faerietale went - could someone please give a brief synopsis of
Rumpelstiltskin? was there something about a man bragging that his daughter
could turn straw to gold, so the king had her imprisoned until she proved
she could do it - but of course she couldn't do it, so rumpelstiltskin did
it for her in exchange for her giving him her firstborn child? but wasn't
there also something about animals helping her - ants gathering seeds or
something? and when the only way she could save her child was to find out
rumpelstiltskin's name, she didn't actually find it out herself, did she -
didn't someone else find out and report back to her?

also, just a general question not so much about "Marsh-Magic" as about
marshes - are moors the same as marshes? i thought i read that they were,
but in the movie version i saw of "wuthering heights" the moors looked
rocky and covered with scrub-brush, not marshy and boggy...?

lastly, as robin lives in Hampshire, England, does anyone know what
hampshire is like geographically? (i don't even know if it's north, east,
south, or west!) - is it near the sea, inland, marshy, mountainy...?

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