McKinley: just a random robin quote

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Fri Dec 04 1998 - 13:26:55 PST

just a random robin quote i found on the net and thought others might

"I think I've discovered reality afterall. I'm astonished at how
interesting it is. It's giving me more things to write stories about."

- from a talk robin gave in alberta, canada several years ago (it was taken
out of context - the whole speech wasn't given, but i think in reference to
"discovering reality" after moving to england with peter?)
* by the way, the talk she gave was for "kaleidoscope 6, imagination's
legacy, a celebration of literature for children and young adults" - does
any one know how to contact them to find out if robin will be giving any
future talks at their conventions?or how to find out any conventions she
may be gracing with her presence?

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