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> 1. who was lady jane grey (the nine days queen?)

great-granddaughter of Henry VII, married to Duke of Northumberland, regent
for ailing King Henry VI. She and husband were executed after his death. NOT
the same as Jane Seymour (see next tidbit)

>just who were all (6?) of henry's wives and their offspring, by the way?

Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon, then divorced her after she couldn't
produce a male heir. (She bore him a daughter, Mary I.)
He then married Anne Boleyn, who bore him Elizabeth I and was then executed
for adultery. He then married Jane Seymour, who bore the future Edward VI. She
died shortly afterwards. His next marriage, to Anne of Cleves, ended in
divorce. He then married Catherine Howard (executed 1542) and finally
Catherine Parr, who outlived him.

> 2. did richard 2 and richard 3 come before elizabeth (i'm figuring they

> must have if shakespeare wrote about them)?

Richard II ruled 1377 - 99; Richard III 1483 - 85; Elizabeth I 1558- 1603.

> 3. is mary queen of scots the same as mary stewart? who was james stewart?

Mary Stuart was known as "Mary, Queen of Scots" and was King James V's
daughter. James Stuart was the only son of James II. He was part of the whole
"lost cause" thing with the Sctos trying to take the throne. Hos son was
Charles Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charlie".

> 4. really big, ignorant question: when and why and with whom did the

> restoration take place?

Too long to answer here... try a dictionary or one volume encyclopedia for a
brief description.

Enjoy your reading! Make cheat sheets... I do!


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