McKinley: peter/last message for a really long time, i swear!

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Sat Dec 05 1998 - 08:43:54 PST

sorry i've been sending so many messages but i have two weeks of exam
period and only one exam - i promise this will be my last message for a
really long time to the robin-list!

for anyone who's read peter's(robin's husband's) books [maren, are you
still out there?]:

which of peter's adult novels do you recommend a first-time-peter-reader
read first?
these are all the titles i could find, but i'm not sure all of them aren't
children's novels and i'm not sure all of them were written by the same
peter dickinson - if anyone feels like telling me anything about any of
these books(basic plot/whether you liked it, etc, i'd really appreciate it):

king and joker
lizard in the cup
perfect gallows
play dead
the yellow room conspiracy
death of a unicorn
the green gene
the iron lion
the last house party
the lively dead
mole hole
old english peep show
one foot in the grave
the poison oracle
the sinful stones
skeleton in waiting
skin deep
sleep and his brother
the walking dead
any other titles i missed?

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