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Date: Sun Nov 29 1998 - 07:34:52 PST

since at least a few people here seem to know their stuff when it comes to
english royalty, maybe you could answer some of the basic questions i have
about the royal family tree(s) (before i start trying to read the books
myself and get completely lost):

1. who was lady jane grey (the nine days queen?) she wasn't the same as
jane seymour, henry 8's wife, was she? just who were all (6?) of henry's
wives and their offspring, by the way?

2. did richard 2 and richard 3 come before elizabeth (i'm figuring they
must have if shakespeare wrote about them)?

3. is mary queen of scots the same as mary stewart? who was james stewart?

4. really big, ignorant question: when and why and with whom did the
restoration take place?

5. question that has absolutely nothing to do with any of this but since
there are some teachers on this list i thought i'd ask: if you go into
elementary school education(specifically i'm thinking of 4th or 5th grade)
are you allowed to specialize in a particular subject field(such as
english) or do you have to know how to teach everything(science, math,
history, etc.)? if you aren't allowed to specialize in elementary school,
then when getting certified for teaching middle or high school, you are
definitely allowed to specialize, right? i mean they don't expect you to be
able to teach algebra and trigonometry if math's not your area, i hope...?

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