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I went to the site and voted for Beauty (the first book I bought a copy of just to loan to people, so mine wouldn't get lost) but I don't hold out much hope Robin'll come even close to winning. I mean, come one, the people who have voted so far put "Tek War" in 17th place and "Tek Lords" in 70th! These books were written by *William Shatner* of all people, of Star Wars/Capt. Kirk fame, and believe me when I tell you that, if you find his acting a little wooden, you should try his writing! Makes him look like Laurence freaking Olivier!
Years of being a sci fi star apparently seeped into his brain, making him think that, if he could *act* in a sci fi thriller (a dubious decision at best), he could *write* a sci fi thriller. He was wrong. Please, dear captain, stick to Star Trek conventions and making movies, where you are appreciated. Leave writing to those who can actually breathe life into an imaginary character. I still wonder how Beauty's marriage to the Beast worked out (in either book), how the characters in Voigt's "Jackaroo" and "On Furtune's Wheel" turned out, whatever happened to Harriet in Streatfield's "Skating Shoes" and what Robert Jordan's Matt is up to nowadays. The Tek characters? I don't remember a single character, plot device or loose end. No life, didn't care, had to force myself to finish them, thinking, "Well, it's bound to get better!" NOT! Sorry, on a board devoted to McKinley, to go off on another tangent, but if it saves one of you from investing a single moment of your precious tim!
e on earth slogging through a sci fi book by William Shatner, my job on this planet is done.


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