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> sorry, i forgot to ask about some more of peter's >books, _the healer_,
sorry, almost completely blank on this one. i *think*, but i'm not sure, that that's the one about a schizophrenic boy who makes friends with a girl who has healing powers
>and "the kin," which includes _noli's story_ and >_suth's story_
those aren't out yet; i don't know anything about them
>also, about whippets
read Peter's book _Chuck and Danielle_, which, funnily enough, is about a girl and her whippet. and has a blatant _Hero and the Crown_ reference. since it's a kid book, i don't think it has much information on the breed, except that they're dense (it's those narrow heads; schnauzers have the same problem). anyway, it's very funny.

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