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> > peter(robin's husband) dickinson supposedly has a new, illustrated book called _the flight of dragons_ coming out this year, but it doesn't sound the same as his old book of similar title - what's the deal(maren?) sorry if this is already on the old discussion page, but does anyone know anything about peter's books _shadow of a hero_, _the blue hawk_, _a box of nothing_, the changes trilogy, or merlin dreams?
> I think they're all still available over here. The Blue Hawk is set in a
> semi Egyptian world if I remember rightly, the changes trilogy revolves
> around 2 children when Earth has returned to a medieval level for
> reasons which are unclear until the very end of the book. V. good
> childrens lit., very thoughtful
> Marcus
i had assumed that the new version of _flight of dragons_ would just be a new edition. for those who don't know, the original was a beautifully illustrated book giving several reasons why dragons could have existed. it also gave several theories on mating, eating, etc. i don't know anything about the new one, though.
as for Peter's other books: _shadow of a hero_ is about a girl who is the granddaughter of the last elected president of a country that was later split up between three others. the book involves the girl and her family going back to visit and finding out about their past. very good; reflects the situation in the former Yugoslavia.
_blue hawk_ and the changes trilogy are what Marcus said they are.
_box of nothing_ was only available on cassette in my library, and i don't think i remember it as well as i would have if i read it. it's about a kid who somehow ends up shrunk and living in a dump or a landfill. there he meets a thing composed of body parts from several different stuffed animals; one arm was from kermit the frog. they end up flying over the dump in some sort of rocket.
_merlin dreams_ is merlin and maybe nimue? storing merlin under a rock, after which he has these short story-dreams. they have no relation to the arthur legends, they're just set in medieval times. they're very good as well.
Peter has written several other great children's books, as well as novels for adults. both kinds often have elements of fantasy or sci-fi, and they always make you think. i would suggest reading any of them.

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