McKinley: more peter/whippets

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Date: Sun May 03 1998 - 11:12:13 PDT

sorry, i forgot to ask about some more of peter's books, _the healer_, and "the kin," which includes _noli's story_ and _suth's story_ - has anyone read those? also, about whippets, i guess robin just has a thing for naming dogs after trees, such as "rowan," and i guess "ash" was named after the ash tree, not ashes... (what are robin's own pet whippets' names again, i know i've heard them before but i forgot?) one more whippet/dog thing - whippets are "sight hounds," and ash is a "fleet hound," but i thought if any dog was a "fleet hound" it would be a whippet, since there're all those whippet/greyhound dog races, so what breeds of dogs do classify as fleet hounds?
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