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Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 13:24:39 PDT

Hmm. I was the one who originally noted the odd distribution
of religious feeling in McKinley's books (such as Aerin et
al. not having any; no churches or priests in _Beauty_; hero
worship of a real mage in _The Blue Sword_) I don't think
I'd thought of _Outlaws_ in that way before. I guess they'd
seemed religious enough to fulfill my expectations and so I
didn't think of it further. But if Cameron is right about
the lack of feeling in this book then being happy about
going to the Crusades would indeed be odd.

But were they so happy? One person said perhaps the king would
be better off ruling his country instead of fighting foreign
wars. And I think a lot of the feeling at the end was "ugh,
we're going to war, but together, and we're not going to
gaol or the gallows."

-xx- Damien X-)
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