McKinley: totally tangential question

From: CoppercornCottage <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 19:42:06 PDT

  After reading Robin's letter to Damien, I imagine she'd be a tad bored
with my question, but here goes anyway:

  Fleethounds. Do we think these correspond to real hounds? When Ash's
fur in DEERSKIN grows thicker and longer, he's like, what, a Borzoi? And
pre-Big Fur, he's like a Saluki? What do we think?

  I have not particularly considered myself a Dog Person, but I love her
description of Ash, and I've been reading about Salukis... <g>

  By way of introduction, I might mention that I also love the books of
Charles de Lint. I am a librarian, I live in Oregon, I make hooked-rag
tapestries...that's about it.



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