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Damien R. Sullivan writes:
>Magic made Agsded miserable? Or Luthe? Or Tor? Admittedly Tor doesn't
>have much, by Luthe's standards. And Aerin didn't get rid of her magic;
>she got rid of the bloodstone. Not that we ever see her deliberately
>using it much; I suspect Gonturan's main function is using the kelar of
>ignorant women for them.
>Possibly there's a level of magic 'appropriate' for humans, which Aerin
>feels she's gone beyond, but which Luthe is born to. Certainly there's
>a level which makes Robin's main characters uncomfortable. But then
>there's Luthe, Luthe the good, Luthe the shining, (Luthe the lazy and
>forgetful, I must point out.) So I don't think we can say magic is
>always bad. Dangerous and alarming, yes.
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Luthe could have more than the normal human capacity for magic because he is
not completely human. neither is Aerin, for that matter, but her inhuman-ness
came from the north. no one knows where the non-human part of Luthe came from,
so his tolerance for high levels of magic could still be explained that way.
but then...hmmm. agsded was supposed to be more powerful than Luthe, and since
he was Aerin's blood relation, then she should theoretically be able to handle
magic. but other factors weigh into that as well: Aerin's power may have been
damaged when she ate the surka; and agsded drew at least some of his power
from the crown. but then Luthe had things helping him too.(the Meeldtar, for
instance) argh!! a completely unrelated thesis is forming in my mind; now i
shall have to write an essay in order to exorcise it.

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