Re: McKinley: Choices (Spoilers: All?)

From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 14:19:13 PST

Magic made Agsded miserable? Or Luthe? Or Tor? Admittedly Tor doesn't
have much, by Luthe's standards. And Aerin didn't get rid of her magic;
she got rid of the bloodstone. Not that we ever see her deliberately
using it much; I suspect Gonturan's main function is using the kelar of
ignorant women for them.

Possibly there's a level of magic 'appropriate' for humans, which Aerin
feels she's gone beyond, but which Luthe is born to. Certainly there's
a level which makes Robin's main characters uncomfortable. But then
there's Luthe, Luthe the good, Luthe the shining, (Luthe the lazy and
forgetful, I must point out.) So I don't think we can say magic is
always bad. Dangerous and alarming, yes.

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