Re: McKinley: Choices (Spoilers: Rose Daughter, Beauty)

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NAME "Chavela Que" writes:
>This raises another interesting question about Robin's works -- how little
>herheroines value themselves. Lissar is pushed away in a corner; Aerin lets
>herself be patronized by Perlith; Beauty is awkward and shy. The
>conventionallybeautiful people (Galanna, Trivelda & Lissar's parents) are
>not to be trusted,while the less lovely (Aerin, Beauty, Tor, Ossin) become
>the heroes.
>Cheryl K
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and as you might infer, Robin had the same problem. she said that as a
teenager, she was "fat and weird" and that now she has "left off being fat and
come into my own as weird". i think her writing helped a lot; she notes that
most of her early (unpublished) stories featured almost nothing but tall,
awkward, light-skinned girls having wondrous adventures.

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