Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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gWhen I heard that, I told myself thatfs right. The duty of a kirin is to choose the emperor. After that, my duty is over. So I should be attacking hard on all my jobs. However, I am still unable to carry out my job as the Saiho and the provincial lord, because I am still too small.h

g...Isnft the duty of a kirin to deliver mercy to all the people?h
gIt is not choosing the emperor?h
gI mean, isnft choosing the emperor a part of it? It is nevertheless to choose the best emperor for the people.h
gSo... my duty is not finished, is it?h
gI think not.h

gSo what is a kirinfs job?h
gThe job for you, Taiki, is to grow up.h
Seitaku said with a laugh.
gIt is the same for any child, isnft it?h

Seitaku picked a Koukashou from the branch that dangled on top of his head, and put the fruit into Taikifs palm.
g... You will have a lot of worries. But that is a part of your job. Eat well, sleep well, laugh and cry a lot. Those are all parts of your job.h

Taiki looked into his palm. It was a bright red, beautiful fruit.
g... Is it all right for me just to grow up? The people are suffering a lot. Tai is very cold. Many of the people are tortured by the snow. I am the Saiho and the provincial lord, but I cannot do anything. Doing nothing else but just grow up...h

But, Seitaku said.
gEven I am not doing anything great. I am a farmer, so I donft really know anything about politics. Renrin is more familiar with stuff like that, so I just leave everything to her. What I can do are thing like raising livestock and grow crops only.h

gEven though you are an emperor?h
Thatfs right, Seitaku laughed.
gExactly because I can only do those, I make fields like these to farm. I guess they have a little use after all. They clear a part of the garden, and save some fees for maintenance. And they help a little with the budget. I believe it is much simpler and more economical than buying from the merchants in Jyuurei.h
gSo you are selling food to the imperial cooks?h
Yes, Seitaku nodded very seriously.


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