Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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gI cannot live without selling, thatfs why. I am a farmer. Those I need to fulfill my duty are given by the kingdom. The salary given to the numerous officials. The formal silk wear. The extravagant banquets we hold to entertain guests. If I donft work, we cannot sustain everything. But Renrin said that I should not work to supplement the budget. The kingdom will lose face, she said.h

gI... guess so.h
gSo I am completely useless. --However, there is God (Tentei), and he knows that I only can do so much.h
Taiki stared stunned at Seitaku.

gIt must be the heaven's will that a farmer like me can become an emperor. So I will do nothing. I believe it is fine for me to do nothing. It is fine to take care of a kingdom just like taking care of the crops.h
gTaking care of a kingdom...h

gA tree grows tall at its will. A kingdom prospers at its will in the same way. Trees know the best way for themselves. I am only a helper to them. Withering leaves are signals that the plants need water. So I will water them. I believe a kingdom works in similar ways. God wants to grow this kingdom in this way, and so he chose a farmer like me, I guess.h

g...How about Ren Taiho?h
Taiki muttered as he looked at Seitaku.
gWhen Ren-ou is taking care of the plants, what does Ren Taiho do to help?h
Nothing, Seitaku answered brightly.
gRenrin is not a farmer at all. She cannot distinguish good branches from bad branches, and cannot separate the periods to water from the periods not to water.h

gSo, she cannot help with anything.h
Rather, Seitaku smiled brightly.
gShe takes joy when the fruits grow well.h
Taiki nearly dropped his jaws.
g...Thatfs all?h


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