Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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gGood morning.h
Seitaku said with a bright smile. The completely frank and sincere smile delighted Taiki. Whether it was within administrative work or within formal rituals, Seitaku would go to the field whenever he had free time. Taiki would always accompany him to the fields and helped him with his work.

Well, instead of saying gto help,h it might be more accurate to say that he wandered around Seitakufs side, and was told from time to time on what to do. Taiki had no previous experience in farming. Even if Taiki offered to help, he didnft know what on earth he actually should do. The situation was no different from that in Tai: Taiki was still running here and there according to Seitakufs instructions.

gI... I must be a nuisance to you.h
Taiki said as he collected the scattered branches he had knocked over. Seitaku, who was collecting the branches with him, smilingly dismissed the matter. This emperor is always smiling, Taiki was given the impression.

gI know that I am a big annoyance here, but today is my last day here... Would you mind bearing with me for a little longer?h
gI have never thought of you as an annoyance at all! When I was small, I stayed by the neighboring workersf side and learnt the trade while helping out like what Tai Taiho is doing.h

gOh,h Seitaku exclaimed midway, and gave a wide smile.
gI see. Even if Taiho learnt how to farm, it would be of no use to Taiho. I must have forced you into doing something strange, havenft I?h
gThat is not the case at all! Well... I am so happy that you allow me to help you out, but...h

Taiki really meant what he said. It was the first time Taiki saw farm work in front of his eyes, and that is very new and interesting to Taiki. Seeing Seitaku working so briskly was also very pleasant. Above all, Seitakufs bighearted ambience made Taiki feel very close. For Taiki, the common sense of this world or the common sense of adults were unfamiliar, and being only surrounded by adults was already a big feat that made Taiki tense with anxiety.

gBut... If I am bordering you in any way, I guess I should go to somewhere else, shouldnft I?h
Taiki doubted in a low voice, and Seitaku cocked his head.
g... Is there anything wrong?h


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