Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

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It was planned that Taiki would be staying for three days. Taiki and others received official welcoming and participated in formal ceremonies, but they were mostly received as private guests. Their designated place for accommodation was not a corner at the Guest Hall, but the big garden at Seishin. Only officials above the rank of personal servants were sent to accompany them. Moreover, Seitaku gave astoundingly simple order to let the ambassador party visit anywhere they want within En-tyou.

g...Is it really a good idea to have such low security level?h

Sougen seemed to have trouble understanding. Everyone else were equally puzzled. That might be uncomfortable to others, but Taiki in contrast was able to enjoy his days in the palace. Taiki didnft understand most of the various rituals or decisions. Even for things that Taiki knew in theory, he didn't feel accustomed to them, and he was always tense about not failing. However, in Urou Palace, Taiki could put everything aside and relax.

gTo have such low security level should mean that the palace is that safe, I believe...h
Asen said with a bitter smile, and Seirai gave a sigh.
gShould I say it is safe, or should I say they are too lenient? ... The people in Ren are so generous in everything...h

gIs that not good?h
Taiki asked, and Seirai ashamedly dropped his shoulders.

gIt is not bad in any way. This old man is a little unaccustomed to it, thatfs all. You know, I was originally in charge of the books in the army. I am used to being tied up by discipline and got pressed on to the verge, but in reversech

Sougen and Asen nodden in agreement.
gHaving nowhere to let my body feel at ease, or something like thatc Well we turned small at this place, so Taiho, please go out and play. Taiho seems to grow a liking towards this place.h

gI donft dislike Hakkei Palace at all!h
gWe know. For me, Urou Palace is not an unpleasant place at all. Especially when I could see that Tansui in a total loss three times in just two days!h

Exactly, Taiki laughed.
gYesterday, Tansui turned stiff as a board as Ren Taiho brought his breakfast and poured him tea!h
gThis must be said in secret, but it is a sight of a lifetime to see Tansui like that!h

Taiki could barely hide his laughter. Tansui, who was standing by the side of the doorway, behaved in his usual way as if he hadnft heard anything, but he looked somehow frustrated.

gWell, Ifll go then.h

Upon saying, Taiki exited to the sprawling buildings. Tansui silently followed. Taiki headed directly to North Palace. Whenever Seitaku had no administrative work on hand, he would definitely be at the fields. Taiki walked towards the fields in such belief, and as expected, there was Seitaku, wearing noragi as he was working.


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