Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= gÏ Koukashou =


As Taiki stared blankly, he heard a familiar voice. Seirai, who had been standing aside silently, quickly looked back at the coming people. gSougen!h Seirai yelled as if his life depended on Sougenfs. At the same time, there was a gentle female voice.

gOh my... you receive Taiho with such an appearance?h
The lady who spoke in surprise had blond hair that shines like sunshine.
gAlso, meeting in such a place! Though this is said to be a private visit, there is a limit to it. I have advised you about it, havenft I?h
gYes, you are right. It is exactly as Taiho said. This is very, very discourteous.h
gAlso, you made the followers wait at total loss in front of the gate. --Oh my, you are really trouble-making.h

gSorry, sorry,h Seitaku apologized like a child, but his face still showed a beaming smile. The lady, who looked at Seitaku and smiled as if she was slightly annoyed, kneeled in front of Taiki so as to make their eyes to be at the same level.

gAre you Tai Taiho? Welcome! Please donft feel bad about this.h
gAre you Ren Taiho?h
gYes. It is to my greatest pleasure to meet you.h
gMe too. Well... Thank you so much.h

gI have heard from Lady Gokuyou (ʗt) at Mt. Hou (HR). In the past, when Lady Gokuyou sent Sanshi (q) to summon me back, Ren Taiho had lent a very important tool. Am I right?h

gIs it the Gogou-kanda (Ž, lit. Snake Loop of Gogou)? That was kindly lent out by our emperor. Please give your thanks to our emperor, or so I would like to say, but our emperor must go and change beforehand...h

gOh yes,h Seitaku, receiving Renrinfs bitter glance, muttered.
gI am so sorry but I must take my leave. It would not be long, so please wait for a moment.h

Seitaku beamingly returned to his residence, and Taiki and others were once again led to the outer palace. Finally, everything began to go on according to formal rituals.


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