Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= gÏ Koukashou =


Seitaku plucked a few more Koukashou into a hand bucket, and carried the bucket outside the orchard. A few steps later, they reached the side of a pond lined with gorgeous rocks. The pond, which is of an intricate geometric design, has bridges built over it everywhere, and summerhouses and balconies gather at the sides as if they were attracted by the water.

Seitaku arrived at one of them, and waved Taiki and Seirai over by the pond side.
gTaiho, please take a seat. Your formal wear looked so hot to wear. Why not take the coat off?h
gWell... Thank you, but...h
Taiki looked back as Seirai. Seirai smiled twitchingly.
gWe kindly accept your offer.h

g... How about you?h
gOh, you don't really need to worry about me.h
gBut it is hot, isnft it?h
gWell... Yes, in fact. I will kindly follow your words then.h

Seirai stuttered, obviously flustered by the emperorfs hospitality. While watching Seirai with his bright eyes, Seitaku washed his hands and the fruits in the bucket in the pond. Then he put the fruits on a stone table right beside the pond.

gIf Taiho was called with his formal wear on pristinely, what I am wearing now would definitely be a disgrace. I heard that you come for personal reasons rather than formal work, so...h
gOhc But anyway we should be the one to apologize.h

Seitaku laughed.
gTaiho have done nothing wrong. I am a very careless person. When I heard this is not for official work, I thought that it would be just like neighbors coming by to drink tea. I would definitely be scolded by Taiho.h

Oh no, Seitaku said laughing.
gThis kingdomfs TaihoccGod, this has turned so complicated. I am always like this, and I always get scolded by Renrin.h

Seirai gave a roaring laugh as he said.
gThese Koukashou are so attractive that I thoughtlessly invited you to come over here. Seems that I should listen to Renrin, wear my formal wear and waited at the Outer Hall.h

gWhat were you doing earlier?h
gTrimming branches. Cutting those branches with fruits that would most probably not grow can make other fruits grow bigger.h
gRen-ou is pretty familiar with these things.h
gI am a farmer, thatfs why. These are work for a farmer.h

Taiki looked at him blankly.
gWhat about the work of an emperor?h

Seitakufs eyes opened wide as if he heard something unexpected, and he then cocked his head.
g...That is duty, I guess. I believe it is most probably not really work. Because you cannot feed yourself by it.h

Taiki blinked his eyes while he tried to understand his meaning. Seitaku laughed.
gA farmerfs work includes growing crops and raising livestock, right?h
gWell... yes,h Taiki nodded.
gBut... Isnft it work to fulfill onefs duty?h
gMaybe not, I believe.h

gAre work and duty two different things?h
Seitaku laughed.
gWork is one you can choose. Duty is one granted by the heavens.h


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