Re: poly: Job choice advice request: GMU econ vs. UCB info

From: Forrest Bishop <>
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 13:12:38 PST

Robin Hanson wrote:

> Original Subject: Help me choose: GMU econ vs. UCB info
> OK, I don't actually have a UCB offer. But I have an offer from
> George Mason econ dept. which will expire tomorrow (Wed) ~3pm,
> an hour after I'm scheduled to hear the faculty vote at UC
> Berkeley info dept. on me vs. my one competitor. Since I won't
> have time to consult folks then, I'm asking you my advisors now
> for advise on which to choose should I get a choice. (My other
> possibilities, Naval Postgrad Sch & U Arizona, won't decide
> soon enough to matter.)
> So please, what's your vote?


> Or failing that, your valuable
> question-framing observation.

What else is around the locale, outside of faculty? What sorts of
peoplemight you meet in the area? If situations become unstable, what
kinds of friends and resourses are available in varioius scenarios?
(pesonally, I'd rather live in Bangladesh than DC, which colors my
advise to you)

> Their web pages are:
> UCB SIMS is at a nicely located great school. Hal Varian, the
> dept chair, would be great to be around. Other interesting
> folks are Pamela Samuelson, Marti Hearst, & Doug Tygar.
> They are very involved in info policy & have broad interests.
> GMU econ is in Wash D.C. They say they like my breadth.
> Buchanan & Tullock will be there. Tyler Cowen, Bryan Caplan,
> David Levy, & Charles Rowley, seem like interesting folks I
> could talk to there. They're also making a bunch of new hires.
> Robin Hanson


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