poly: Job choice advice request: GMU econ vs. UCB info

From: Robin Hanson <hanson@econ.berkeley.edu>
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 12:26:39 PST

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Original Subject: Help me choose: GMU econ vs. UCB info

OK, I don't actually have a UCB offer. But I have an offer from
George Mason econ dept. which will expire tomorrow (Wed) ~3pm,
an hour after I'm scheduled to hear the faculty vote at UC
Berkeley info dept. on me vs. my one competitor. Since I won't
have time to consult folks then, I'm asking you my advisors now
for advise on which to choose should I get a choice. (My other
possibilities, Naval Postgrad Sch & U Arizona, won't decide
soon enough to matter.)

So please, what's your vote? Or failing that, your valuable
question-framing observation.

Their web pages are:

UCB SIMS is at a nicely located great school. Hal Varian, the
dept chair, would be great to be around. Other interesting
folks are Pamela Samuelson, Marti Hearst, & Doug Tygar.
They are very involved in info policy & have broad interests.

GMU econ is in Wash D.C. They say they like my breadth.
Buchanan & Tullock will be there. Tyler Cowen, Bryan Caplan,
David Levy, & Charles Rowley, seem like interesting folks I
could talk to there. They're also making a bunch of new hires.

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