Re: poly: Re: tolerance... promoted by shadows??

From: Forrest Bishop <>
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 22:58:44 PDT

d.brin wrote:

> Sure, it *sounds* logical that secrecy should protect freedom. But it just
> ain't true. No government ever knew more about its people than ours does,
> and no people were ever so free. How does that data point fit on your
> chart?

I, for one, am personally creeped out by the US government's extensive knowledge
of its citizen's private affairs, along with efforts like key escrow, the
wiretap bill, and the things the right wing keeps bringing up, some of which
have a degree of veracity.
It appears that, although what you say above is more or less true (it's
debatable), the infrastructure for a turnkey police state is rapidly
being put into place.


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