poly: Re: tolerance... promoted by shadows??

From: d.brin <brin@cts.com>
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 19:18:52 PDT

Hal said >>
Privacy forces society to be more tolerant, in effect, by allowing people
to hide those aspects of their lives which society would not approve of.<<

He gave as an example the persecution of gays.

SAY WHAT? Hal, pause and reflect. In times past, gays kept it secret...
and suffered horribly when caught. Today it's in the open and they get
elected to Congress and have their own TV shows.

 You guys keep repeating these theoretical propositions as if they are self
evident, without coming up with an iota of historical proof to back em up.
Sure, it *sounds* logical that secrecy should protect freedom. But it just
ain't true. No government ever knew more about its people than ours does,
and no people were ever so free. How does that data point fit on your

You prescribe weak government in order to endure freedom? Tell it to 1917
Russia, 1926 Italy, 1933 Germany, 1935 Spain and 1948 China.
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