Re: poly: Re: Why interest rates may stay low

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 09:13:57 PST

[Peter M. offered more thoughtful discussion]

After further pondering I will grant your point, given your assumptions.
That is, given that mass is the main input to producing stuff consumers
wanted, and for producing interstellar probes, and if interstellar probe
technology improved very quickly from slow fragile probes to very fast
very penetrating probes, then that could induce higher than historic
rates of return during the period of the technlology change.

> Sure. If you showed me a significant number of investors discussing the
>feasibility or timetable of nanotech that showed familiarity with the
>chemistry and physics involved and some proposed pathways to getting there,
>I would have to rethink my position significantly.

That sounds like data well worth obtaining. Anyone have access to such?

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