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A clear, brief overview and assessment of Mills' claims is


which is

             Technical Assessment Report

                                                        Prepared by

                                          TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS

     Technology Insights, an energy consulting firm in San Diego,
California, conducted a review of BlackLight Power Inc. (prior company name
HydroCatalysis Power Corp.) technology for a client in mid 1996, and
documented the results and conclusions in a confidential report.

     The report provides an independent overview of BlackLight Power
technology status and prospects as of mid 1996. The confidentiality
restrictions arising from technical information have subsequently been
removed. [etc]

and claims, inter alia:

Given the time and resource limitations of this assessment, it was not
considered productive to attempt an in-depth review of the theory. However,
discussions with (deleted) (Section 5.1) of Penn State indicate that the
theory has received considerable review by reputable physicists over the
past several years, resulting in extensions of the phenomena addressed by
Mills, but no fundamental flaws in the theory have been identified.
(deleted) has also spent considerable effort reviewing the theory and its
mathematical derivation (interview summary, Section 5.1). (deleted)
indicated a strong belief in the general validity and importance of Mills'
theory, but expressed concern regarding some inconsistencies in the
theoretical framework which he was unable to resolve. He feels that what is
needed is for others to become interested and begin working on the
mathematical development of the theory, and believes that the best way to
make that happen is to advance an energy generation device and expand the
empirical evidence supporting the theory. Consistent with this view,
attention was focused on the case for the existence of the postulated
results - the hydrino - and the degree of confidence in the observation of
excess energy in the cell experiments conducted by HPC and others. The cell
experiments are addressed in Section 4.2, and the case for the existence of
hydrino is addressed below. [u.s.w.]

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