poly: Dr Randell Mills/ paradigm challenge

From: Damien Broderick <damien@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au>
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 02:49:13 PST

I've been noodling around in an extremely strange but just possibly
epoch-making inventor/GUT theorist named Dr Randell Mills, of Blacklight
Power, Inc, whose url is


and who claims to have constructed a classical replacement for QT that, as
a side-effect, yields a strange new power source from hydrogen that he's
patented in Australia and is building gadgets from in the States. Almost
certainly a crackpot or scamster but he seems to have an impressive track
record. A garbled but interesting interview with him appeared in the Dec
97/ Jan 98 ish of that odd/loony magazine *Infinite Energy*, edited by
cold fusion guru (sigh) Dr Eugene Mallove. (I have a snail correspondent
who reads my Australian science book reviews and insists on sending me
xeroxes of stuff like this, which I glance through for the sardonic
amusement of it. Sometimes, as now, I wonder if there might be more to a
particular claim than meets the jaundiced eye.) If the physicists here
have a gander at Mills's site, it'd be nice to hear an informed assessment.

A version of the rambling interview with Mills is on the web at


Dr Mills comes out of it rather better than his hapless interviewer, with
the odd nice facetious jab...

Damien Broderick
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