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From: Damien R. Sullivan <phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu>
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 13:41:49 PST

What I forgot to say in my invitation was that I'd planned to wait a day
or so to let everyone read their e-mail and sign up. It's been over 40
hours though, so I think we can reasonably start talking without
worrying about leaving people out. We have 19 people on the list, and
David Brin will be receiving a digest.

I'll forward a couple of messages from Perry and Robin in a few minutes.

Members are: me, Robin, James Rogers, Tim May, Peter McCluskey, DDFR,
Greg Burch, Damien B., Perry, Hal, Richard Schroeppel, Ted Kaehler,
Eugene Leitl, Carl F., Amara, Romana, Anders, Curt Adams, and Ralph
Merkle. (plus Brin.)

-xx- Damien R. Sullivan X-)

"Corruption is elected officials trading votes for their own advantage.
Democracy is when the masses do the same thing." -- _Cyteen_
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