A Rathilien Flora

16 March 1998
12 March 2006

  • Arboreal drift: the walking golden willow with which Jame and Kindrie cross the River.
  • Cloud-of-thorn brier: "while the cloud-of-thorn briers help up their impaled blossoms above tangled shadows. The berries beneath these fragile white flowers already glistened in the moonlight like dark drops of blood. Birds who had eaten them during the day clung to the spiked branches singing ecstatically on and on untiltheir hearts faltered and stopped."
  • Host trees: A flurry of pale green new leaves leaped into the air and vanished, golden veins flashing, into the upper mist.
    "But when will they fall?" asked Jame, staring after them.
    "Not until they reach their winter host tree far to the south. They'll come back in the spring."
  • Vampire rose: seen in Perimal Darkling; it grabs Jame and sucks her blood, turning from a white rose to red. Apparently it's not affected by her Shanir blood, though Terribend slashes it with the Knife shortly.
  • Mosaic lichen: also seen in Perimal Darkling, it portrays one of the guards being chased by something.
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