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From: Tom Breton <>
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 19:33:20 PST

"Karl R. Peters" <> writes:

> Another amusing idea; with my IQ of 140 and my 5+ years
> of college schooling, I'd be liable for about 10 times my current
> income in taxes. Let's stick with the current system until we
> have a better way of accurately measuring someone's true
> economic potential.
> Karl
> <marX>

I have to agree with Karl. ISTM any attempt to measure potential
income is mere tea-leaf reading at this point, and probably will
remain so for a long time.

I am curious as to why taxing people on earnings capacity is
"attractive in terms of economic efficiency." Am I correct in
thinking it's along the lines of eliminating moral hazard? Ie, people
not trying hard to earn more because it would mostly be taxed away?

If so, it suggests 2 other objections: Is the earnings-to-effort curve
really so flat that eliminating that moral hazard will make a lot of
difference? And wouldn't attending college be a similar moral hazard?

Which is not to shoot down your idea. Please feel free to tell me
where I am wrong.

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> Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 6:13 PM
> Subject: AltInst: Taxing Ability
> > The suggestion to tax people on earnings capacity instead of earnings has
> > been around for a long time and is attractive in terms of economic
> > efficiency. In this paper we reflect on the feasibility of such a system
> > and give an exploratory empirical implementation. We apply the Leyden
> > Welfare Function of Income, a survey based measure of an individual's
> > welfare associated with income, to derive implications for ability
> > taxation. Under the assumption that IQ and schooling reflect earnings
> > capacity, we derive the tax functions using different criteria to
> > distribute the utility loss due to taxation.
> >
> >

Robin, how accessible is this for the intelligent layman? Unfamiliar
terms like "Leyden Welfare Function of Income" make me wonder if I'd
be wasting my time.

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