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From: Perry E. Metzger <>
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 11:36:53 PDT (jmlib) writes:
> David Beito posted an interesting article to Libprofs-announce
> regarding the problems in Somalia, and how most business owners
> seem to think that the re-establishment of govt will make those
> problems go away.
> My challenge to fellow libertarian anarchocapitalists:
> How could they better re-direct their energies, resources,
> words, etc. to solve those problems?

Very obviously, rather than establishing a government, they should be
attempting to directly establish a legal framework suitable for
private enforcement.

However, it isn't likely that this will happen.

> Could they in fact take this opportunity to avoid imposing a State
> and to create the world's first anarchocapitalist "country"?

Woudn't be the first, but certainly the only one currently. However,
given that the locals don't seem to want to do it, "not bloody likely."

> Step 1: outline a feasible plan that _could_ work.
> Step 2: massively broadcast it to the Somalis and convince
> enough of them to give it a chance.

"Oh, yeah, like that will work."

If some Somali tried doing this, maybe they'd have a chance, but
foreigners who know neither the culture nor the language, and have no
contacts among the people of the country (let alone good contacts)
aren't likely to be able to do anything. I'd spend my time on other

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