Re: AltInst: Tradable birth quotas

From: Alexander Chislenko <>
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 11:54:32 PDT

I suggested tradeable birth quotas a couple of years ago on this
list; I believe the suggestion was also published in the Idea Bank.
I thought noone was interested...
The differences in my suggestion were that the quotas were given on
an individual, rather than family, basis, and the right to bring a new
person into the world by means of birth was exchangeable to the right
to bring a new immigrant into the country. Which also borders on the
citizenship exchange issue.
  There are some interesting implications of delayed births: young people
can put their birthright on the market to finance their education, and
buy it back when they have started a career.

[[ Yep, individual rights sound better. At zero growth everyone would have
one birthright; 2 parents == 2 kids. Avoids the death links, I think. If you
want negative growth for a while then the rationing discussion becomes
relevant. --DRS ]]
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