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From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 11:18:02 PDT

>> I found this proposal at:
>> Using Electronic Markets to Achieve Efficient Task Distribution
> Yeah, there is a different propopsal at of this at

I found this summary at:

What I am going to attempt to do is to set up a "Bounty Server" where
someone can iniate a "bounty" on a peice of technology. The initator
will write up a set of specifications for the technology, and an
initial award to be paid to the developer. They then post it on the
server and send their initial "bid" to the organization.

    This is the "bounty". Other people can add to this bounty, allowing
the totals to add until someone claims that bounty by providing proof
of development to the initiator of the bounty. In software terms they
would upload the software to the server and notify the originator of
the bounty, and the server operators. Other technology will be figured
out as it becomes necessary.

    Originally I was going to put the stipulation in that the software
written must be Copylefted. I decided that that wasn't really necessary,
but rather simply desired. To aid in that desire, I am going to build
in an initative to releaseing the software "copylefted".

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