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From: John Carter <>
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 11:51:53 PDT

Meetings are long slow things of low bandwidth.

I devised, implemented and tested this variant...

The agenda of the meeting is placed on a central computer. (At the
time I wrote some locking code and scripts on a VAX/VMS system, but
now the same could be done easier with RCS on any Linux system...)

The participants, in their own time, edit the agenda, writing in
whatever they would have said in the meeting. ie. Everybody co-writes the
minutes of the meeting before the meeting happens.

Before the meeting, the future minutes are printed and everybody reads

The meeting can then simply approve 90% of the future minutes, and
briefly argue about any remaining controversial issues.

Pros. Fast.
      The minutes are far more accurate and complete.
      Quiet personalities can get their word in.

Cons. It doesn't work in the presence of Alpha personalities. They not
      only like to have their say, they like to be seen to have their
      say, and hence will verbally and at length go over everything

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