AltInst: An Efficient Privatization Mechanism

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 16:49:36 PDT

           Florida International University
           Alfred University

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     We consider the privatization of State-Owned Enterprises
     (SOEs) of which markets can be opened to competition once
     privatization takes place and competitors can compete
     successfully against them in a few years. The currently
     used "Revenue Maximization (RM)" scheme maximizes the
     government revenue from privatization but does not provide
     incentives for the privatized SOE to charge a price lower
     than the monopoly price until competition arises. We
     propose the "Welfare Maximization (WM)" scheme, which
     induces the privatized SOE to charge a competitive price
     without resorting to regulation. Also, WM provides greater
     incentives for post-privatization cost reduction.

     JEL Classification: L33, P21

Robin Hanson
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