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     "The 'IPO-Plus': A New Approach to Privatization"

            The World Bank
            The World Bank
            The World Bank

          Paper ID: World Bank Working Paper No. 1821
          Date: 1997

          Contact: Itzhak Goldberg
          Postal: The World Bank, 1818 H Street, N.W.,
                    Washington, District of Columbia 20433 USA
          Phone: (202) 473-6289
          Fax: (202) 522-0078
          Co-Auth: G.J.:

     HARD COPY PAPER REQUESTS: Contact The World Bank at E-Mail:
     MAILTO:Trade@worldbank.orgPostal: Postal: The World Bank
     1818 H Street NW, Room N5-056, Washington, DC 20433.
     Phone: (202)473-7947. Fax: (202)522-1159.

     A proposed new from of privatization, IPO-Plus, combines the
     efficiency of case-by-case privatization with equity mass

     JEL Classification: L30, L33

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