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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 12:28:18 PDT

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> hello! i just heard that disney is coming out with a new animated film about
> atlantis - has anyone here read any good books[fiction or "nonfiction"]
> about atlantis? thanks!
Glad nonfiction's in quotes...

No books come to mind. There have been some number of fantasy stories about
Atlantis, usually about the last moments, or rather the moments before the
last moments, when the Atlanteans did whatever hubristic thing which caused
their sudden fall. I think the one I remember best is one where some guy was
wandering around dispelling magic through logic and common sense and
especially proving that rocks couldn't float...

Atlantis has a mention in Gaiman's _Neverwhere_, which I like a lot, but isn't
really about Atlantis.

The last story in Pratchett's _The Colour of Magic_ features an
edge-of-the-world kingdom somewhat reminiscent of Atlantis, in advancement and
sea-worship. And there's Numernor, the island kingdom described in detail in
an appendix of Tokien's _The Silmarillion_, in the story of Akallabeth the
Downfallen, as Numenor was known by the survivors, or Atalante in the Elvish

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